Sustainable future

I am a firm believer that everything you do has a consequence. Therefore, I have a great responsibility when I choose to produce new products for a world that is already full of ceramics. How do I think when it comes to sustainability and why don't I produce in Sweden? Read more here.

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My production

I get a lot of questions about how I produce and my approach to sustainability. Which makes me happy because it means we all want to contribute to better consumption.
My attitude is that everyone can do something and since I get help with production, I also have a great responsibility for the environment and people. I have chosen to place my production in a workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam. The factory is owned by Ms. Hang, the seventh generation of ceramic producers. It is enriching and very educational to work together with talented craftsmen and also to experience what it is like to be a woman in a completely different culture. 65% of the factory's employees are women and the factory has been CSR labeled for 15 years. Ms Hang is constantly working to improve and refine the work environment and techniques. Since my production is not only "locally produced" due to the difficulty of producing in Sweden, it feels important and right that I know that my production provides wages to many women which leads to their children getting education and work.