Unique objects, signed.

When I create unique objects, I go by feeling and desire. Usually when I'm with my clay supplier, all the ideas come. These items are signed and there is only one of a kind. Here you will find some pictures of what I have done.

Sustainable future Reading Unique objects, signed. 2 minutes
Signed items

In my workshop I make many prototypes but also unique items that I sign. I go very much on desire and feeling. I create based on what I feel at the moment. Here I can also experiment and play with different types of clays and glazes. It is time-consuming because all clays and glazes are different and it takes time to get the result I have a vision of. Different techniques are also fun, I usually mix between twisting, rolling, swirling in the same object.

Most often, these are special orders for exclusive stores/public environments or some exhibition. Private individuals also order, I have noticed a great demand for these items and at the moment it is difficult to keep up. If you are interested in a collaboration or order, keep in mind that it takes about 4 months for delivery.

So a unique item comes straight out of my workshop and is the only copy. Handmade, genuine and honest.

Brown-black stoneware vase, turned and curled.

White vase in turned porcelain, Brown-black vase in stoneware clay, turned

Vase turned and curled, dish in two sizes all rolled in a red stoneware clay with a lot of chamotte
White dish in porcelain clay, rolled

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