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It all started with Glow and Bloom almost 9 years ago...
- I want my passion for porcelain to be seen in this collection. The elegant and slightly transparent clay is beautiful in all its forms.
The dry untreated exterior is reminiscent of dried clay and the glazed glossy interior reflects the light.
A nice contrast between raw and elegant, glossy and matte. The fragile edge has become Kajsa's signature.
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GLOW Small - Kajsa CramerGLOW Small - Kajsa Cramer
GLOW Small
Sale price425 kr
GLOW Medium - Kajsa CramerGLOW Medium - Kajsa Cramer
GLOW Medium
Sale price750 kr
BLOOM Small - Kajsa CramerBLOOM Small - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price225 kr
Sold out
BLOOM Medium - Kajsa CramerBLOOM Medium - Kajsa Cramer
BLOOM Medium
Sale price450 kr
BLOOM Large - Kajsa CramerBLOOM Large - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price1 200 kr
BLOOM Tall - Kajsa CramerBLOOM Tall - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price375 kr
Sold out
Small Bowl GOLD - Kajsa CramerSmall Bowl GOLD - Kajsa Cramer
Small Bowl GOLD
Sale price225 kr
Small Bowl WHITE - Kajsa CramerSmall Bowl WHITE - Kajsa Cramer
Small Bowl WHITE
Sale price195 kr
NY! Bloom M-Black - Kajsa CramerNY! Bloom M-Black - Kajsa Cramer
NEW! Bloom M-Black
Sale price450 kr
NY! Glow s Black - Kajsa CramerNY! Glow s Black - Kajsa Cramer
NEW! Glow's Black
Sale price425 kr
NY! Bloom large Black - Kajsa Cramer
NEW! Bloom large Black
Sale price1 200 kr
NY! Bloom s Black - Kajsa Cramer
NEW! Bloom's Black
Sale price225 kr
NY! Glow m Black - Kajsa Cramer
NEW! Glow m Black
Sale price750 kr