Table setting with gold

Christmas offer!


In this dark time of the year, we need the light, and therefore we chose to set the table with bright textiles in natural materials. Linen, hemp make a nice base. But we are setting the table for a party and the gold is important to bring joy and party atmosphere. It is a beautiful contrast between the elegant handmade porcelain and the coarser textiles. The gold is hand painted in a somewhat naive style, also here for a more exciting contrast. To remind us of the human presence in the craft. Balance and harmony.



home in harmony

elle decoration

visited Kajsa Cramer's home, read about how Kajsa thinks when she decorates and what is important to her in a home HERE

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Unique objects, signed.

When I create unique objects, I go by feeling and desire. Usually when I'm with my clay supplier, all the ideas come. These items are signed and there is only one of a kind. Here you will find some pictures of what I have done.

Sustainable future

I am a firm believer that everything you do has a consequence. Therefore, I have a great responsibility when I choose to produce new products for a world that is already full of ceramics. How do I think when it comes to sustainability and why don't I produce in Sweden? Read more here.

My Story

Are you curious about my background and how I think when I work? Here you can read about my background and which values ​​I always carry with me, watchwords that help me keep the right course in my creation.



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