Kajsa is passionate about craftsmanship with simple, genuine and sustainable design. Each product bears the mark of the artist's hands, which highlights Kajsa's strong connection to Scandinavian nature. That's where she gets her inspiration from - the nature that surrounds her home is full of shades and endless shapes.

Kajsa's vision is to awaken the creativity of people by letting them themselves combine her ceramic products in ways that suit their individual style. For some it may be a lantern, while for others it is a beautiful vase.

As a designer and decorator, Kajsa focuses on creating everyday objects that are not only functional but also beautify life. Regardless of whether it is a coffee cup or a kitchen interior, the person is always at the center.

Which material feels comfortable and durable to use for your morning coffee? How does the cup sit in the hand? What movement pattern do you want to see in your kitchen? Are there activities other than cooking and eating that can be integrated?

Since our environment has such an impact on us, I strive to create products and environments that benefit human well-being. A balanced existence and a harmonious home is my goal.

Kajsa's creation combines the pure and poetic with the practical to beautify everyday life in a personal and unique way.


The choice to place production in a workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a conscious one. The workshop is owned by Ms Hang, a seventh generation ceramic maker. It is an enriching and educational experience to work together with skilled craftsmen and at the same time gain insight into the role of women in another culture. Of the employees at the factory, 65% are women, and since 17 years ago, the factory has been CSR-labelled. Ms. Hang continuously strives to improve the work environment and techniques.

- Even if the production is not completely "local" due to the challenges that production in Sweden entails, I feel that it is important and right to know that my business provides a livelihood for many women, which in turn enables education and employment for their children.

During the waiting times when samples are drying or burning, I sometimes have the opportunity to explore Hanoi. In the picture below you see me together with Hoa, the production manager at the factory, when she showed me Old Town. When production is finished, my orders are transported by ship and take about five weeks.-Kajsa

Sustainable products are a central part of our range. We use an exclusive porcelain clay that is exceptionally durable. When porcelain is fired, it contracts and becomes compact and very durable. This means that our products are both dishwasher and microwave safe and withstand a lot of stress.

Kajsa's vision is to design objects that are not only characterized by high quality and design, but also carry classic Scandinavian shapes and colors. An additional important aspect is that you, as a customer, can see and feel that each item is created by skilled craftsmen - products that are meant to last for generations.

Thank you for choosing to be part of this journey towards more sustainable and conscious consumption.