My Story

Are you curious about my background and how I think when I work? Here you can read about my background and which values ​​I always carry with me, watchwords that help me keep the right course in my creation.

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Furnishings and ceramics

After many years as an interior decorator, I trained as a ceramicist and currently combine my two professions. I always work with my watchwords, simple , genuine and sustainable . When it comes to my ceramics, I want it to be seen that hands touched, shaped and finished each object. I am also passionate about us living a more beautiful everyday life where you surround yourself with things that have a lot of care behind them, that tell a story.


I have a studio in an old Spinneri south of Gothenburg. Here I make unique objects that are signed. All different and made to order or for exhibitions. The sketch work for new models is usually done at the turntable and then supplemented with drawings. Then sent to my factory in Hanoi. Or I go there and work together with them.

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