mulled wine

Finally, it's time to drink mulled wine and eat gingerbread cookies!
Invite to mulled wine party, a simple way to get together.
Serve the mulled wine in the espresso cups and the almonds and cookies on small saucers.
Here is a recipe for the favorite crusts:
100 g of butter
1 g of saffron
2 eggs (organic)
1.5 dl granulated sugar
5 dl wheat flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
1.5 dl whole sweet almonds
raw sugar
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    Espresso BLACK - Kajsa CramerEspresso BLACK - Kajsa Cramer
    Espresso BLACK
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    Saucer BLACK - Kajsa CramerSaucer BLACK - Kajsa Cramer
    Saucer BLACK
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    Espresso GREENGRAY - Kajsa CramerEspresso GREENGRAY - Kajsa Cramer
    Espresso GREEN GRAY
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    Saucer GREENGRAY - Kajsa CramerSaucer GREENGRAY - Kajsa Cramer
    Saucer GREENGRAY
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    Espresso DOT - Kajsa CramerEspresso DOT - Kajsa Cramer
    Espresso DOT
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    Espresso BEIGE - Kajsa CramerEspresso BEIGE - Kajsa Cramer
    Espresso BEIGE
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    Saucer BEIGE - Kajsa CramerSaucer BEIGE - Kajsa Cramer
    Saucer BEIGE
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    Espresso WHITE - Kajsa CramerEspresso WHITE - Kajsa Cramer
    Espresso WHITE
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    Saucer WHITE - Kajsa CramerSaucer WHITE - Kajsa Cramer
    Saucer WHITE
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    Espresso STRIPE - Kajsa CramerEspresso STRIPE - Kajsa Cramer
    Espresso STRIPE
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    Large Serving Bowl STRIPE - Kajsa CramerLarge Serving Bowl STRIPE - Kajsa Cramer
    Large Serving Bowl STRIPE
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    Incense holder White
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