Christmas presents

We have collected your favorites that we know many appreciate as gifts. Give the gift of something personal, high-quality handmade ceramics that will last year after year...
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GLOW Small - Kajsa CramerGLOW Small - Kajsa Cramer
GLOW Small
Sale price$42.00
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Small Bowl GOLD - Kajsa CramerSmall Bowl GOLD - Kajsa Cramer
Small Bowl GOLD
Sale price$23.00
Mug handle GREENGRAY - Kajsa CramerMug handle GREENGRAY - Kajsa Cramer
Mug handle GREENGRAY
Sale price$33.00
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BLOOM Small - Kajsa CramerBLOOM Small - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price$23.00
Tea stainer whiteTea stainer white
Tea stainer white
Sale price$30.00
Save $7.00
Mug GOLD - Kajsa CramerMug GOLD - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price$25.00 Regular price$32.00
Mug handle TERRACOTTA glossy edgeNY! Mug handle TERRAKOTTA glansig kant - Kajsa Cramer
Saucers TERRACOTTANY! Saucer TERRAKOTTA - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price$17.00
Aromatherapy scented candle CALMAromatherapy scented candle CALM
Incense holder WhiteIncense holder White
Incense holder White
Sale price$23.00
NEW! Hemp canvas online onlyNEW! Hemp canvas online only
NEW! Hemp canvas online only
Sale price$124.00
Hemp place mat 41x45cmHemp place mat 41x45cm
Hemp place mat 41x45cm
Sale price$35.00
BLOOM Medium - Kajsa CramerBLOOM Medium - Kajsa Cramer
BLOOM Medium
Sale price$45.00
GLOW Medium - Kajsa CramerGLOW Medium - Kajsa Cramer
GLOW Medium
Sale price$74.00
Mug DOT - Kajsa CramerMug DOT - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price$27.00
Mug handle BLACK - Kajsa CramerMug handle BLACK - Kajsa Cramer
Mug handle BLACK
Sale price$33.00
Small Bowl WHITE - Kajsa CramerSmall Bowl WHITE - Kajsa Cramer
Small Bowl WHITE
Sale price$20.00
Mug BLACK - Kajsa CramerMug BLACK - Kajsa Cramer
Sale price$27.00
Mug AriesMug Aries
Mug Aries
Sale price$40.00
Mug CancerMug Cancer
Mug Cancer
Sale price$40.00
Mug CapricornMug Capricorn
Mug Capricorn
Sale price$40.00
Mug Gemini (twins)Mug Gemini (twins)
Mug Gemini (twins)
Sale price$40.00
Mug Leo (lion)Mug Leo (lion)
Mug Leo (lion)
Sale price$40.00
Mug Libra (scale)Mug Libra (scale)
Mug Libra (scale)
Sale price$40.00