- I wanted to create tableware that I wanted for my own kitchen, a design that works well together with all kinds of dishes.
As always, it is important that you can see that hands have created and touched the clay.
All items are dishwasher and microwave safe.
(Not products with gold)
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Mug Leo (lion)Mug Leo (lion)
Mug Leo (lion)
Sale price$39.00
Mug VirgoMug Virgo
Mug Virgo
Sale price$39.00
Mug Libra (scale)Mug Libra (scale)
Mug Libra (scale)
Sale price$39.00
Mug ScorpioMug Scorpio
Mug Scorpio
Sale price$39.00
Mug Sagittarius (Sagittarius)Mug Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
Mug Pisces (fish)Mug Pisces (fish)
Mug Pisces (fish)
Sale price$39.00
Mug AquariusMug Aquarius
Mug Aquarius
Sale price$39.00
Mug CapricornMug Capricorn
Mug Capricorn
Sale price$39.00
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NEW! Mug handle BROWNNEW! Mug handle BROWN
NEW! Mug handle BROWN
Sale price$32.00