New collaboration

In February, we launched our first products together. A new collaboration based on friendship, passion for genuine craftsmanship and playfulness. Read about my new collaboration, which may be the start of something more...

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New Collaboration

Together with Fine Little Day's fantastic world of patterns, we can proudly present three products. These are sold via Kajsa Cramer, Fine Little Day and will also be available at a limited number of retailers.

- My organic shapes on the ceramics together with designer Elisabeth Dunker's fine drawings become a poetic story about craftsmanship and Scandinavian contemporary design.

- Kajsa Cramer

I'm a big fan of Fine Little Day which I think stands for genuine craftsmanship in a modern context. The new products are inspired by natural forms, genuine craftsmanship and playfulness. Elisabeth and I have chosen favorites from our respective ranges and then they have been allowed to marry each other.

The collaboration is also based on friendship and I have my current workshop in the Spinneriet at Fine Little Day. We launched the products in February and sold out the next end of the first shipment. Now we are looking at possibly more products...