Mug Mackerel

Mug Mackerel


The mug Mackerel is part of the Bliss collection. It combines beautifully with pieces from the Patchy collection, since the colours are beautiful together and they are the same size as the Patchy mugs.

Emma enjoys painting subtle patterns and playing with shapes, like the pattern "Mackerel" where the fish is disguised in the seaweed.

Some facts about the porcelain clay:
The tableware collection Bliss is produced using highest quality porcelain clay, fired at around 1300℃; the highest temperature of all clays. The clay is so compact that the object doesn't need any glazing in order to hold liquid, and it is strong and durable since the clay gets very hard. Resembles bone china

Dishwasher safe.
Dimensions approx. 8x10cm. 

Holds approx. 300cl.

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